Calgary Expatriation

Episode 11

Tuesday 6th June, 2006

With the snow melted and days getting longer it was possible to enjoy the outdoors for many hours after work. A work colleague, Christian, and myself organised to hike up Heart Mountain (2135m) after we finished work one day. Recognisable by the heart shaped limestone near the top of the mountain, its a pretty simple hike up with an elevation gain of 875m.

Above: That's what we're climbing!

Below: Halfway up Heart Mountain.

Above: At the top of Heart Mountain at 9pm. There was still about an hour until the Sun set.

Below: Christian navigating a section of loose rocks on the way back down.

Above: Whilst waiting for my turn to go in to bat I started to photograph some of the flowers that were blooming. The colours of the flowers are so much more vibrant over here, but they only last as long as the weather stays warm.

Below: Me, about to dispatch a bad ball to the boundary at point, later that day. Underneath the astroturf is shale, which makes for some unpredictable bounces. They can't lay concrete because if water gets into it then it will crack in the winter when it freezes over.

Above: Me at Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise. Moraine Lake has an intense green colour caused by very fine rock particles being suspended in the water. This “rock flour” as it is known gets washed into the lake from the grinding action of the nearby glaciers that feed the lake.

Below: As you get more elevation the greener the lake looks. The Mt Fay Glacier is one glacier that feeds Moraine Lake.

Above: Starting from Moraine Lake, the hike up to Sentinel Pass is every bit worth it. With Mt Temple (one of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies) looming down on you (out of picture to the right), Paradise Valley suddenly disappears 500m down below you.

Below: Looking in the opposite direction to the above picture from Sentinel Pass, back towards Larch Valley and Moraine Lake.

Above: A 360° panorama from Sentinel Pass. The pass is situated between Mt Temple (3543m, left) and Pinnacle Mountain (3067m)

Below: A 360° panorama from Larch Valley looking up towards Sentinel Pass. Pinnacle Mountain (3067m) is on the left and Mt Temple (3543m) is on the right of the pass.

Above: Morraine Lake (left) and the Valley of the Ten Peaks, from the trail to Eiffel Lake.