Calgary Expatriation

Episode 12

Friday 23rd June, 2006

Below: Peyto Lake with its unbelievably intense green colour from glacial meltwaters.

Above: The rock flour from a glacier seeping into Peyto Lake that gives it its vibrant colour.

Below: Many of the plants and flowers in this colder environment blossum into wild and vibrant colours during the spring and summer. I guess they've got to party hard in the limited time they've got before it freezes over again.

Above & Below: Walking a trail above Peyto Lake I disturbed two Marmots who scurried off down the hill. This big fella came out of his hole to see what the commotion was.

Above: Looking down the Icefields Parkway to Bow Lake, the headwaters of the Bow River that flows through the middle of Calgary.

Below: Coming back from Peyto Lake along the Icefields Parkway my luck for spotting wildlife continued. A Grizzly bear and two cubs were feeding on grass about 50m from the road. This really made my day since I had seen wild black bears at Yellowstone but no wild grizzly bears. It only hung around for about 10 minutes before disappearing into the bush again.

Above: Four slips and a gully. These are some of the guys I played cricket with.

Below: Me, sending down a few googlies.

Above: Fielding in my favorite position, cover.