Calgary Expatriation

Episode 2

Wednesday 12th April, 2006

Has it been 2 months already?

Above: A giant T-Rex at the Drumheller visitor information centre.

Above: An excavated T-Rex at the Royal Tyrrell Museum Of Palaeontology.

Right: The Drumheller Little Church. 7 x 11 ft building with six one person pews. First built in 1958.

Above: The partial Australian contingent at Kicking Horse resort at Golden, British Columbia. Kicking Horse has the longest vertical run in the Canadian Rockies with a drop of 1260m over a 10km long trail.

Below: The home of the Calgary Flames (ice) hockey team, Pengrowth Saddledome. Hockey is to Canadians what cricket is to Aussies - a religion! Every time the Calgary Flames score, two large gas burners suspended from the ceiling ignite a huge flame.

Above: Despite the crowds, the corporate tickets I scabbed had good seats, four rows from the front near the Flames goal.

Below: This meant that there were some hard hit-ups on the plexi-glass right in front of me!

Above: Someone is going to have a sore head tonight!

Below: Flames goalie Mikka Kiprusoff makes a save against a Nashville attack. Kippa was awarded the best goalie for the 2005/06 season.

Below: At the Calgary Car Show we got to see some small cars...

Below: ...and some more averaged sized North American cars! For the record, my colleage Christian is 199cm tall.