Episode 20

Friday 28st July, 2006

After a great time in Valdez we put the car on the ferry to cross Prince William Sound via the Alaska Marine Highway.

Above: Yet another sprawling glacier dipping its toe into Prince William Sound!

After getting off the ferry at Whittier we then drove down to another seaside port of Seward. Just outside Seward is the Harding Ice Field - an enormous 480 square kilometre relic from the ice age that is the largest icefield in the US. Exit Glacier is one of about 40 glaciers that flows out of the massive ice field.

Below: The cracked and buckled Exit Glacier flowing out of one end of the vast Harding Ice Field. Hiking along the 6.4km length of the glacier towards a lookout over the icefield.

Above: Fractures in Exit Glacier, big enough to swallow houses!

Below: Those same fractures from a different angle. The vertical size of them is much more apparant from this perspective.

Below: Halfway up the hiking track.

Above: The expansive Harding Icefield and Exit Glacier sloping off down the hill to the left.

Below: The Bow River running around the downtown district of Calgary during late summer. Everything is nice and green for a while in this semi-arid region.

Above: A fat and tame squirrel in Princes Island Park in Calgary.