Calgary Expatriation

Episode 21

7th August, 2006

Back from the adventures in Alaska, I was again out hiking in the Rockies including a gruelling hike out to Mt Assiniboine. After that it was off to New York City and Washington DC whilst the warm weather lasted.

Above: The view from Mt Fairview, looking down onto Lake Louise 1km below. Unfortunately there was a lot of smoke around from forest fires in B.C. A ground-level view of Mt Fairview can be seen to the left of Lake Louise in this picture.

Below: An Inukshuk on top of Nub Peak looking towards the spectacular Mt Assiniboine, which is colloquially known as the "Matterhorn of North America". Unfortunately after a 30km hike to get out to this place the view was largely obstructed by forest fire smoke.

Above & Below: Early morning rays illuminate Mt Assiniboine, as seen from our campsite at Og Lake.

Above: A memorial service at ground zero in New York for the 5th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Below: Relatives of those who died in the attacks read out the names of all the deceased.

Below: The excavated hole where the twin towers once stood. It was incredibly hard to get a decent shot from an elevated position with all the fencing and barriers in place.

Above & Below: A whole heap of kids stories and pictures had been strung up along the barrier fence around ground zero.

Above: A massive American flag is draped over a building that overlooks the ground zero site.

Below: The Statue of Liberty.

Above: The Manhattan skyline.

Below: The Moon sets behind the Empire State Building.

Above: Times Square

Below: The New York skyline from the top of the Empire State Building at dusk.

Above: Who stole the Sydney Harbour Bridge?? A replica harbour bridge slowly rusts away. It is about 1/4 the size of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is only used for rail traffic.