Calgary Expatriation

Episode 25

8th October, 2006

An Australian taking photos of there's a first!

Above: A juvenile traffic hazard...erm...bighorn sheep near Canmore.

Below: I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those horns...

Above: Big horn sheep wander down the main street of Radium, BC.

Below: Castle Mountain looks down on the Trans-Canada highway

Above: Sunset reflections off Emerald Lake.

Below: Emerald Lake and Mount Burgess.

Above: A bull Elk feeding in the twilight whilst his family with three calfs graze nearby.

Below: One of the three calfs with the bull elk.

Above: Lake Louise in Autumn"

Below: Looking back across Lake Louise towards the chateau and the ski resort in the distance.

Above: The glacier that feeds Lake Louise, mostly covered in dirt.

Below: The crevices in the glacier could easily swallow a car.

Above: A dirty glacier

Below: The Lake Louise Chateau and ski resort from the trail to the Plain of Six Glaciers.