Calgary Expatriation

Episode 28

17th December, 2006

A white Christmas. As Christmas approached and my time in Canada drew to an end I was busy trying to see and do all those last minute things I wanted to. This included my first time on skis...

Above & Below: Cross-country skiing in Kananaskis Country with January and friends.

Above & Below: The mountain village of Banff on Christmas Day.

Above & Below: The Christmas tree a the Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel.

Above: Castle Mountain, between Banff and Lake Louise.

Below: An ice castle sits atop a frozen Lake Louise, providing the centrepiece for a skating rink.

Above: The detail that was put into the ice castle was pretty amazing.

Below: Mt Fairview looms over the ice castle.

Above: A sculpture of a moose adorns the top of the ice castle.