Calgary Expatriation

Episode 3

Tuesday 18th March, 2006

Calgary is conveniently located next to the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Many of the photos to come are of some of the magnificent scenerey around the mountains.

Above: Mt Lefroy (3423m/11230') from Lake Louise.

Below: The frozen Lake Louise, complete with skating rink. The large mountain to the left is Mount Fairview (2744m/9002") which stands 1km over the lake. In the far background is Mt Lefroy (left, 3423m/11230') and Mount Victoria (right, 3464m/11365').

Above: The chateau at Lake Louise.

Below: Lake Louise from the far end (about 2km away from the chateau). In the distance is the chateau and on the far background hills is the Lake Louise ski resort - the biggest in this part of the rockies. The ski runs can be seen cutting through the trees.

Above: A frozen waterfall near the far end of Lake Louise. The colour of the frozen water is indicative of the colour of the lake once it thaws out.

Below: Canadians love their curling almost as much as they do their hockey. Here is a good example of how not to slide the rock.

Below: And here is a good example of how to do it properly. Tongue position is vital to delivering the rock properly.

Above: Spot the token Aussie who is still trying to overcome his laughter at the sport in order to take part.

Below: Apprentice Curling Scrubber.

Above: Knocking an opponents rock out of bounds.

Below: Marking the aim point.