Calgary Expatriation

Episode 4

Saturday 1st April, 2006

Mountains, mountains, mountains.

Above: Mt Burgess (2599m/8527') near Emerald Lake.

Below: Directly west of Calgary in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is Kananaskis Country. It is not frequented by all the tourists as much as the higher range drives (such as in and around Banff), but in my opinion it is one of the most spectacular drives in this part of the Rockies because the mountains are so rough and jagged. This picture was taken from the car as we travelled down Hwy 40 through Kananaskis Country into Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

Above: View from the car along Hwy 40 in Kananaskis Country.

Below: Looking east from the Kananaskis Lakes visitors centre.

Above: Looking roughly south from the Kananaskis Lakes visitors centre.

Below: Another typical view from the road driving through Kananaskis Country. For mountain foothills they really are spectacular.

Above: Upper Kananaskis Lake, all frozen over.

Below: A panorama of Upper Kananaskis Lake.

Above: Two guys setting up for some kiteboarding action on top of the frozen Lower Kananaskis Lake.

Below: On my way to work in the morning...