Calgary Expatriation

Episode 5

Saturday 15th April, 2006

Over Easter I took the opportunity to visit Vancouver.

Above & Below: A swan stretches out in Stanley Park.

Below: Vancouver has some of the most amazing temperate rainforests surrounding it. The amount of greenery was surprising in light of the cooler temperatures. This was taken near Lynn Canyon, outside Vancouver.

Above: North of Vancouver is a series of spectacular canyon systems, some of them with suspension bridges. This is a picture of the 137m long Capilano Suspension Bridge which sways 70m above the canyon underneath.

Below: The steam-powered clock in Gas Town, Vancouver is connected to a series of underground pipes used to heat nearby buildings. Every 15 minutes it lets off a series of chimes and whistles as it releases some of the steam through the valves on top.

Above: The city of Vancouver from across the harbour. Just off downtown Vancouver is the beautiful Stanley Park, a very large lush temperate rainforest seen to the left of the city in the above image.

Below: With a dozen Aussies having been relocated to Calgary for the year we organised our own ANZAC Day commemoration. It was supported by about 300 Canadians we are working with.

Above: A Bugler plays The Last Post as some of the ex-enlisted Canadians salute the flags.

Below: Some of the Aussies after the ANZAC Day commemorations. Our efforts even made the local television. Click here to download a video (15MB WMV format) of the news report.