Calgary Expatriation

Episode 9

Saturday 21st May, 2006

Just when I thought I'd seen so much on my first day, Yellowstone still had a surprise in store...

As I headed back towards my accommodation, I pulled over near a whole heap of other cars to see what was going on. As it turned out there was a carcass of an elk in the river and some eagles (who had a nest nearby) were feeding on it at dusk and dawn. One of the eagles sat in a tree near the carcass for about an hour before deciding to come down to feed. These are the resulting pictures of these magnificent animals.

Not only did we have a good clear view of the feed, but all the guts and gizzards of the elk were hidden from view. As the eagle tried to tear off a strip of flesh it almost fell over backwards a few times, having to use its wings to prevent a dunking.

Above: After the eagle had finished feeding we all thought that it was going to fly off over our heads back to its nest.

Below: But as you can see it thought differently!