Alaska - Prince William Sound Cruise

Episode 17

Wednesday 26th July, 2006

Whilst in Valdez, we took a day cruise to see some of the other sights around Prince William Sound. Not only did the weather cooperate (after they had a few consecutive weeks or rain), but the wildlife put on a hell of a show as well! This was the standout of the entire trip.

Above: One of many Sea Otters that were not afraid of the approaching vessel.

Below: These furry little guys have a knack of being able to float and keep their head above water whether they are on their back or on their belly.

Above: That's exactly how I feel first thing in the morning.

Below: A Sea Lion objects to us interupting his rest.

Below: A Bald Eagle watching over the inlet.

Above: Pigeon Guillemots take to the air.

Below: A Bald Eagle sits on top of an iceberg, watching the inlet near Columbia Glacier.

Above and below: A Bald Eagle gets a meal out of a fish whilst a seagull is hoping for scraps.