Alaska - Prince William Sound Cruise

Episode 18

Wednesday 26th July, 2006

More images from a day cruise around northern Prince William Sound. It's days like these I wish I had more than 5GB of flash card memory! :-)

Above: One of the many chunks of ice that have fallen off Columbia Glacier.

Below: Sea Lions enjoying the sun.

Above: This Bald Eagle was watching us as we travelled from Columbia Glacier to Meares Glacier.

Below: Sea Otters out of the water, near Meares Glacier.

Below: A Bald Eagle that had been circling over Meares Glacier flies overhead and away from the ice.

Above and below: A huge chunk of ice calves off Meares Glacier and makes a tremendous splash. For reference, the height of the glacier is about 60 metres tall. These shots were captured from a distance of about 1km. At this distance you have to spot the calving a few seconds before you hear it. A smaller chunk of ice had fallen off in this area not long before I captured these photos.

Click on the above or below image to see animations of this calving.
Warning: The animation files are very large (3.7MB) and require the Macromedia Flash plugin. Please be patient.