Calgary Expatriation

Episode 23

10th August, 2006

Whilst I was in Washington, I spent a few hours photographing the animals in the Washington Zoo at dawn. Unbeknownst to me, they had some tiger cubs that were a delight to watch. First stop though, was the Cheetahs. Given that it was really quite dark and I didn't have a decent flash and that I was using a big zoom, I was surprised that so many of these came out.

Above & Below: This particular cheetah was being bullied by the rest of the pack. Lying separate to the others, they occasionally chased it around.

Below: A giant panda having a bamboo breakfast.

Above: After 8am the 3 little tiger cubs, who were only a few months old, were let out with their mother to play in their outdoor enclosure. If they weren't tackling and wrestling with each other, they were trying to tackle and wrestle with their mum. I was surprised that so many of my shots came out, given that I was shooting in very dim light at 400mm (640mm equivalent) at 1/60th second hand held!!

Below: Just...a...little...bit...closer...

Above: Hunting mum.

Below: Stay still for long enough and you WILL be wrestled!

Above: See what I mean...

Below: Magnificent stripes.

Above: Tiger Mum.

Below: Motherly love.

Above: A Tamarin Lion Monkey.