Calgary Expatriation

Episode 10

Sunday 22nd May, 2006

If you drive out the southern exit of Yellowstone National Park you enter Grand Teton National Park. This was another spectacular area.

Above: In front of the Cathedral group of mountains.

Below: Grand Teton (left, 4197m) looms over a barn.

Above: Buffalo graze in a field in front of Grand Teton.

Below: A panorama of Jenny Lake. The dawn reflection was only interrupted by the gentle waves made as fish jumped out of the water.

Below: Back in Yellowstone National Park, I again came across a Black Bear. This one was busy sleeping on a big boulder.

Above: About 20 minutes after I arrived, the bear woke up to see the gathering crowd.

Right: Whilst the bear slept on, her two four month old cubs were also fast asleep halfway up a tree nearby (left). How they could sleep as they draped themselves over a branch beats me.

Right: As we watched and waited, the lower of the two cubs woke up from its slumber and decided that it wanted to wake up its sibling as well, so it climbed up a little bit then hit its sibling on the head! It woke up, yawned and stuck its tongue out.

Above: With mother still asleep, one of the cubs climbs down the tree to go harass her.

Below: Mum wakes up to see what the comotion is all about, whilst the cub tries unsuccessfully to climb up on the rock.

Right: With both cubs down out of the tree, mother bear led them off away from the crowd to feed...

Below: ...but there was too much fun to be had playing on a fallen tree.

Above: The two cubs tussled and wrestled with each other. Even when one was trying to climb back up, like in the above picture, the other one would continue to hit it in the head!

Below: Eventually Mum Bear had had enough and led the two cubs off, up the hill and away from all the photographers.

Above: By my last day in Yellowstone I was pretty stoked about the wildlife I'd seen. But there were two animals that had eluded me that I really wanted to see - a wolf and a moose. I had heard that moose had been seen in the north-eastern part of the park so I headed off in that direction. On the way, a large wolf ran across the road in front of my car (quicker than I could get the camera out), and half an hour later I spotted a pair of moose off the side of the road. This male must have recently dropped his antlers.

Below: The other moose, before they both headed off into the bush.